Paige Mills


Hartford Half.jpg
Paige currently runs for Valor Track Club out of Orange County, CA. She is a former NCAA All-American and now has her eyes on the Olympic Trials in the marathon. She also is a co-owner of Salty Bean Coffee Co. and we are so proud of her!
— Noah, co-owner

Ben Gravy


We wanted Ben as an ambassador because he embodies everything that is Salty Bean Coffee Co. He is an incredible surfer (specializing in novelty waves), but his influence extends far beyond the surfing community. He constantly inspires all of his followers to chase their dreams and be the best version of themselves possible!
— Paige and Noah, co-owners

Kaitlin Donner 


We met Kaitlin within the first few days we arrived in Melbourne, FL in our old cargo van and immediately bonded. She is a true jack of all trades! She is an accomplished tri-athlete competing for team USA in triathlons across the globe. She also owns New Wave PT and makes it a priority to help others in every way possible (she’s really good at it too!).
— Paige and Noah, co-owners

Trevor Kennison


Trevor was an obvious hometown choice for us and nothing slows this kid down! He hails from Keene, NH and was on the fast track toward professional snowboarding when an accident in Colorado left him paralyzed. Incredibly, Trevor used this experience to inspire others as he continues to train and compete as an big mountain mono skier and adaptive surfer.
— Paige and Noah, co-owners

Thomas Paquette


Thomas is owner of Next Level Running Co. His goal was to create and coach an all-inclusive group of runners who share a common bond of the pure love of running and training (he succeeded!). In addition to coaching, Thomas is quite the accomplished athlete himself including multiple Boston Marathon finishes among numerous other accolades!
— Paige and Noah, co-owners

Them Dixon Boys


Watch out for them Dixon boys! Billy and his younger brother Big Cat are up and coming Florida surfers looking to make a big splash in the competitive surfing scene. We all know Kelly Slater grew up in Florida, but soon we think everyone will be talking about #ThemDixonBoys!
— Paige and Noah, co-owners

Kristian Cain


Kristian is our only ambassador holding it down on the West Coast. He also happens to be one of our first fans and people to reach out to us on Instagram and we won’t ever forget that! He is a talented competitive surfer from San Diego, CA, but more importantly is eternally positive and always spreading the stoke!
— Paige and Noah, co-owners