Maverick Crossfit Freedom Games


This morning's Freedom Games at Maverick CrossFit was one of the best days in Salty Bean Coffee Co. history, and for multiple reasons...

The main idea to celebrate was the magic and inner workings of people and passion.  The magic of today was first sparked when we met West Melbourne Maverick CrossFit owner Jeff Crawford in the window of our coffee van at the Satellite Beach Fireman Olympics just two months ago. We instantly connected with Jeff and admired his pure stoke for the world of crossfit and specifically his facility and community. He was eager to show it off to us and include us in anyway possible. He also happened to truly enjoy our organic coffee and felt the members of his gym would feel the same way. The seed was immediately planted for what would later be an unforgettable day. 

This morning Noah and I drove down Wickham Road toward the event with no expectations as neither of us have ever been to a crossfit gym let alone a crossfit competition. We had no doubt however that we would have a great time because of our quick fondness for Jeff and his awesome wife Julia whom is also a crossfit coach and ranked top 20 in the USA for olympic weight lifting. They are the type of couple you meet and think to yourself wow, this is an example of the overly hashtagged phrase "goals." We all know people who are "goals" to us. We had already heard great things about their gym through casual conversations via the small window of the Black Pearl. This is another example of the magic beneath the surface in day to day life, something we get to witness daily now that we operate a coffee shop out of an old van.

We have the privilege to bring our beans and share the stoke with all types of people in different places. We also have built a small following here in Brevard County and it always brings a smile to our faces when someone from what we call the "Salty Squad" finds us from a social media post at some obscure location to enjoy some coffee and real talk.  For example, just today we met a very kind couple from the Tampa area who had been as they called "stalking" us online and had been trying to track us down because they heard about our unique coffee company. So now you have a couple from out of area visiting and learning about an amazing local gym, all because of coffee, our coffee! It's so freakin' awesome and is exactly why we got into this has this special capacity to build a sense of community. I witnessed this concept back in my hometown of Keene, NH where craft coffee shops like Prime Roast and Brewbakers hosted a home base and social network for local culture and family. I credit these places in providing a dependable "happy place" I could retreat to for peace of mind or creative inspiration for my writing. To achieve this from a converted 1995 Ford Econoline is beyond epic, in my opinion. 

Through the randomness and adventure of our business model, we can bring people of different backgrounds together. I would not have enough fingers or toes to count the numerous occasions our coffee has led to a new friendship amongst unfamiliar neighbors here in Brevard County. People are learning about things happening in their backyards through our coffee business that they previously would not have known about.  

You could easily pass by Maverick CrossFit off Ellis Road, not realizing the magnitude of what's going on behind the humble walls of the large warehouse structure. Jeff had reached out to us the night before the event, letting us know how stoked his people were for us to join them for their competition. He was right. As soon as we popped our serving window open, a line had formed. New faces quickly greeted us, and they were all so excited to support our dream. Shirts and hats were being bought, some found a handmade mug that called to them, others a Salty Bean piece of jewelry. We try to have something for everyone to join the dream, even if you don't favor coffee. Although, Maverick CrossFit happened to be very ready and stoked for our product. 

The morning of competition unravelled with the coffee vibes at an all time high. One thing we learned is that CrossFit athletes are jazzed for coffee! Some participants came back to our window two or three times throughout the event! Everyone was smiling, everyone was stoked, and everyone was genuinely happy to talk to us and encourage our business, just as they encouraged each other in the competition. 

Every new day we live through with Salty Bean Coffee Co. here in Brevard County seems to leave us speechless. Today was not only the best day for sales we have experienced so far in the short history of our business, but also one of the best days in terms of the dream. A dream by people, for people. 

Thank you Jeff and Maverick CrossFit for an amazing morning and more to come!

Live the Dream. Salty Bean!

Paige and Noah