Moms, Babies and Endorphins...Oh My!

We first met Rebekah Joy Coates of Indian Harbour, FL at the Satellite Beach Farmers Market earlier this summer while we were vending with our coffee van, The Black Pearl. Bekah, as the mom of two goes by, was just bursting with joy (which is all too perfect considering her personality and middle name) as she came bouncing up to our serving window with her oh so precious baby girl, Clare, on her hip. As first impressions go, we noticed a few things about Bekah immediately…her smile was infectious, her energy was bright, and let’s be honest…Bekah was incredibly fit.

The former physical education teacher was recruiting us to join her and her club Fit4Mom Space Coast in celebrating their one year anniversary on August 24th, 2018. Fit4Mom is the Nation’s leading pre and postnatal mother support group that emphasizes friendship and fitness to overcome the challenges of motherhood. Bekah is the owner of the Space Coast branch and as we quickly learned, has spread her magic with many families here in Brevard County. In just one short year of existence under Bekah’s leadership, the club has grown to sizeable number of mothers.

One thing that has been of upmost importance to Noah and I here at Salty Bean Coffee Co. is to use our business as a platform to create positive change in the local and global community. It’s beautiful really...the act of people supporting people; the ripple effect created when one person has a dream…

Bekah was glowing, her smile ear to ear, as she shared with us her vision for the celebration… “Families, food, fun, and a free workout! It’s going to be awesome and I know it would be a huge hit for the moms if Salty Bean Coffee was there!” She was full of stoke, there was no way we wouldn’t be there for her.

The morning of the event was all good vibes, how could it not though? We were cruising our van, our dream, to Wickham Park to celebrate an awesome of group of awesome moms with adorable babies! What I did not realize was how big the celebration would be. I was quickly overwhelmed from the cuteness…little baby toes and fingers, baby sneakers, proud moms…there were so many and smiles were everywhere! Not to mention, our great friend Sean with Lucky’s Market was setting up his tent right next to us. We frequent many of the same events as Lucky’s such as the Green Gable House, Keepin’ it Loyal to Local, and local races to name a few. Our office for the day was looking pretty perfect.

Watching Bekah take charge was the next best thing to witness. The moms marched off in a procession of strollers and wheels. Confidently rolling their little people over the grassy terrain to tackle the next phase of the workout. It was truly epic. I couldn’t help but smile at Bekah’s capacity to bring humor and fun to every exercise. I watched her instruct the moms to do variations of squats, lunges and other strength building exercises in front of their babies who on the flip side appeared incredibly content with the situation. The babies watched their moms wide eyed, some mimicking the hand and feet movements of their own personal super hero. Bekah was leading the moms through difference chants of songs and nursery rhymes. She had many tricks to keep the atmosphere silly yet productive…a winning recipe in life if you ask me.

The endorphins were strong.

I walked with the group to the next location in the park where they would roll out yoga mats for a cool down routine. I was visually inspired by the raw moments and bond between the moms and babies and was having too much fun trying to capture those moments for our YouTube daily vlog. I got to chatting with a Erin, a mom of six month old identical twin girls Tilly and Naome, and who has been a member of the group for four months now. She gushed telling me about the many things she loves about this group and said the comradery between the moms was her favorite part. She appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to feel alone or isolated as a new mom because the club gave her a sense of community. “It’s one big happy family and I’m not just saying that” she told me as she covered her heart with her hands while grinning at her little ones.

We want to thank Rebekah for what she is doing in the community to help build strong, resilient mother’s and families and we want to thank the moms who came by for coffee during and after the workout. It was so great getting to know you and your minis! And Bekah was right…y’all can drink some coffee! We appreciate you very much!

We encourage any mothers in the Space Coast area to reach out to Bekah at if you are interested in joining the group and would like to know more or you can visit her website to see other locations and times that the group meets. The first is week is FREE and the group welcomes all new moms with their arms wide open! If you are out of area look online to see where the closest Fit4Mom club is to you and happy motherhood!

Peace, love, coffee and moms!

<3 Paige